Phaedra is a High-Content analysis application that was developed in-house at J&J.
It provides a platform for scientists to analyze, evaluate and process data obtained from High-Content, High-Throughput, Flow Cytometry and several other types of assays.

Realizing this project required much more than just Java skills. Here are some examples of challenges that had to be addressed to ensure successful delivery:

  • The application shall be used across different therapeutic areas (oncology, neuroscience, infectious diseases, ...), by biologists, chemists and statisticians alike.
  • The rendering of potentially huge images must be as fast and smooth as possible. The GPU must be utilized to facilitate this. A browser-based application is simply not feasible.
  • Many image analysis algorithms are implemented in languages such as Matlab and R. The application must be able to host these algorithms.
  • The conclusions drawn from the results that Phaedra offers, have big consequences on further pharma development. Data quality, compliance, and traceability is of paramount importance.
  • The world of pharma R&D changes so fast that the application must be able to receive updates on a regular basis, with minimal obtrusion.

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